Global Lighting Standard

Global Lighting Standard has developed the first mobile and efficient way of measuring light quality as well as light distribution from street lamps. The system is mountable to a car, resulting in quick and efficient measurements, to get an overview of street lamp performance. This enables the customers to energy optimize and quality check their street lamps, to make sure they live up to regulations and specifications. The data is presented in Google Earth, making it easy to use.


Did you get what you paid for? Get insights into whether the lamps perform as expected and if they live up to regulations. After having measured in 4 different cities, we can conclude that 50% of newly installed lamps can save up to 25% in energy. Additionally 25% of the newly installed lamps did not live up to regulations.


There is an increasing focus on quality assurance of street lamps. However, up until now it has not been possible to include quality measurements of newly installed street lamps in tenders, due to old inefficient measuring methods. Global Lighting Standard enables consultants to improve their service by offering easy and efficient quality assurance of street lamps, providing the means to include quality measurements, for the first time, in tenders.

Energy Providers

Optimize maintenance routines by utilizing quantitative data from Global Lighting Standard’s measuring technology. Get an overview of where there is potential energy savings, or where the focus needs to be in regards to cleaning or changing lamps.

Lamp Manufacturers

Manufacturers now have the possibility to gain a competitive advantage, in the ever increasing competitive landscape of LED lamps. By using Global Lighting Standard they can offer a measurement report at the delivery of their lamps, serving as a seal of approval, ensuring the manufacturer delivers on its specifications

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